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VAT (Value Added Tax) is added to the cost of goods and services by VAT registered businesses in the UK. Depending on the goods/services being sold, the rate of VAT can differ. The current VAT rate of 20% is the most common rate of VAT in the UK. This Online VAT Calculator was created to make understanding VAT easier by allowing them to calculate VAT by adding VAT and taking VAT away from a figure. This answers the question when you want to know how much is vat on a price. We've also covered what is VAT on this page and also how to work out VAT using a calculator.

VAT is collect by businesses and then paid to HM Revenues & Customs (HMRC) normally every 3 months. It's a good idea to see how much VAT you owe using a accounting page as it shows the VAT calculated figures for you for a given period.

A business in the UK must register for VAT if their taxable revenue hits a threshold (or is expected to hit a threshold) of more than £82,000 for 2015-2016 and was £79,000 in the tax year 2013-2014. Businesses can also register for VAT voluntary before this threshold is reached. You can learn more about the current threshold by visiting this link and you can use these Value Added Tax calculators to work out the amount to collect. If you want to learn more about VAT in the UK then please see this VAT Wikipedia page for the United Kingdom.

VAT is applied to many discounted items too, this includes when you use a discount code. The price when applied will include VAT even when a discount code is applied from website.

The CURRENT standard rate (most common) of VAT is current 20% and this is set by default on our calculator.

The standard rate of VAT increased from 17.5% per cent to 20% per cent on 4 January 2011.

The CURRENT standard rate of VAT (Value Added Tax) is 20%

Here are the VAT rates for goods and services

Rate % of VAT What the rate applies to
Standard 20% Most goods and services
Reduced rate 5% Some goods and services, eg children’s car seats and home energy
Zero rate 0% Zero-rated goods and services, eg most food and children’s clothes

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Q: How much is VAT? A: 20%

Q: Current VAT Rate? A: 20%

Q: What is VAT? A: See this section for answer

Welcome to our Easy VAT Calculators where we make it super quick and easy to add or remove VAT from your PC, tablet and mobile. This is a FREE online VAT calculator that makes it very easy to add VAT and subtract VAT at the click of a button on the calculator. Also on this website we'll show you how to calculate VAT and also how to work out VAT on your calculator at home. We'll make the VAT calculation easy so please bookmark and send this website to your friends for future use. We think it's one of the easiest conversion calculators on the web, it provides quick conversion to work out the VAT owed. Don't try and figure this out yourself, save time with this calculator.

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Replace [ACTION] with either add or subtract to add or subtract using your price and rate. Leave blank for add.

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Here's how to use this free VAT calculator website.

Step 1 - Enter the amount you wish to add VAT to or subtract from in the first field named 'Amount (£)' on the calculator.

Step 2 - Next, make sure the VAT rate with want to work with is correct in the field named 'Rate (%)'.

Step 3 - Click on the appropriate calculator button to either Add the VAT to the amount you entered or Subtract the VAT from the amount you entered.

Step 4 - Get the results below the calculator buttons!

It's really easy to add VAT to an amount on your home calculator.

Step 1 - Enter the amount you wish to add VAT to.

Step 2 - Press the MULTIPLICATION button (the 'X') on the calculator.

Step 3 - Enter the VAT RATE you wish to add. For example, for 20% you would enter '1.20', for 17.5% you would enter '1.175', for 5% you would enter '1.05' and so on.

Step 4 - Press the EQUALS button for the amount with VAT added to it!

If you have an amount with VAT already included then please follow the steps below to take the VAT away for the original price.

Step 1 - Enter the amount you wish to REMOVE VAT from.

Step 2 - Press the DIVISION button (the '÷') on the calculator.

Step 3 - Enter the VAT RATE you wish to remove. For example, for 20% you would enter '1.20', for 17.5% you would enter '1.175', for 5% you would enter '1.05' and so on.

Step 4 - Press the EQUALS button for the amount with VAT subtracted from it!